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Amanda Diane – Writer, AI Consultant, & Trainer

My STory

From Freelancer to Educator

Amanda D. Conner’s journey is a testament to where a curious mind and an insatiable passion for learning can lead. As the founder of E-Business IQ and AI creator, she strives to  make the intricate world of AI not just accessible, but engaging for all.

From her early days, Amanda’s curiosity drove her to seek out the stories behind people, technology, and the natural world. This led her to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, where she explored the human mind, and later, explored the art of storytelling at Lindenwood University. These diverse academic pursuits laid the groundwork for her unique approach to digital marketing and content strategy, blending psychological insights with compelling narratives.

Amanda’s professional path as a freelance marketing consultant and copywriter saw her collaborating with global brands like ChromaLuxe, Tomedes, and FGI Yacht Group. Her role enabled her to apply her research skills and adaptive strategies, consistently exceeding client expectations. However, it was her personal mission to democratize AI that truly set her apart. This mission was fueled by her belief in the power of AI to transform lives and industries, coupled with her commitment to making it understandable and accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or expertise.

The creation of E-Business IQ was a direct response to this mission. She envisions a world where everyone has equal access to knowledge and technology to achieve their dreams. The platform is a place for entrepreneurs, marketers, and creatives to find the tools, knowledge, and inspiration to harness AI in their endeavors.

It’s here that Amanda’s passion for learning transforms into a passion for teaching, guiding others through the complexities of AI with clarity and insight.

AI Consulting & Coaching

Demystifying AI to make it accessible for everyone, I meet you at your level of understanding, providing one-on-one guidance that’s tailored to your personal or business needs—ensuring AI is a tool you can confidently leverage, without the overwhelm.

Personalized Learning Guarantee

With a promise of clarity and ease in the journey into AI, I guarantee personalized support that adapts to your pace and style of learning—because everyone deserves to harness the power of AI without any trepidation.

Endless Possibilities

 Unlock your full potential with AI,  fostering limitless opportunities for innovation and growth. Let’s navigate the vast landscape of AI together, turning possibilities into realities.

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