My AI Art

Letting Her Scream On Exhibit At BananaConfXYZ 2024 | April 22-24

AI Art by Amanda Diane Exhibiting @BananaConfXYZ<br />
 2024 | April 22-24. Spreading domestic violence awareness.

On display at the largest NFT Conference in Northern Europe. Tallinn Estonia, this NFT was created to spread domestic violence awareness. For all of those women still trying to find their voice. I used AI to transform this poem into art:

Stone after stone

I swallowed for you,

Each one soaked in rage.

I spit hot coals that turn to wildfire

baptizing me in flame.

For more information about this piece and the 2024 BananaConf Tallinn NFT, Web3 & AI Conference, feel free to contact me or reach out via their website.


Quantum Realms Collection


Conversations with a Chatbot


Stories We Tell Collection

Generated from poetry. this collection was inspired by a verse I wrote, “The stories we told ourselves kept us alive.”





2023 Early DALLE Model

Prompt Engineering and AI art symbolizing a journey into the unknown Photo Editing by Amanda D Conner (Made with DALL·E 2 - OpenAI)


This is one of my earliest AI image generations, but still, it’s one of my favorites.


Northern Lights Collection




Created for a Themed exhibit Inspired By Series Black Mirror

AI Art conveying the concept of skyrocketing growth with AI marketing, featuring a tower the soars into the sky