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In the face of escalating customer churn, a mid-tier project management tools provider discovered the profound influence user experience has on customer loyalty. Determined to reverse the trend, the company collaborated with our team to overhaul their platform and boost user engagement, aiming to significantly reduce churn rates.


  • UX Design Improvement
  • AI Integration
  • Content Strategy
Chart showing reduction in churn rate
Chart showing increase in user enegagement with content marketing<br />

Implementing UX Design and Jargon-Free Content


Over the previous six months, the client had seen a troubling dip in user activity and a rise in customer turnover. User criticisms emphasized a complex interface and convoluted content, culminating in user discontent and diminished platform interaction.


UX Design Enhancements

  • Insightful Research: We undertook an in-depth analysis of user interactions, exposing critical usability issues.


  • Revitalized Interface: The dashboard was reimagined to prioritize ease of use, with straightforward tooltips and navigation.


  • Informed by Analytics: AI-infused analytics illuminated the redesign process, ensuring a user-centric solution.

AI Integration

  • Intelligent Data Gathering: Cutting-edge AI technology was deployed to dissect and decipher user engagement patterns.


  • Customized Experiences: The intelligence gathered was harnessed to curate a personalized dashboard that resonates with individual user preferences.

Content Reimagined

  • Engagement-Driven Content: We crafted a suite of articles and videos, each tailored to answer prevalent user inquiries and optimize the user journey.


  • Predictive Content Delivery: An AI-driven system was introduced to dynamically serve content in alignment with specific user behaviors and engagement trends.

Measurable Outcomes

    • User Engagement: Within the first quarter post-implementation, user interaction soared by 25%, underscored by heightened platform utilization, more frequent logins, and increased user content interaction.
    • Churn Rate: We witnessed a remarkable 15% drop in churn within a six-month window, affirming the newfound user satisfaction and platform functionality.
    • Client Acclaim: Client endorsements have emphatically praised the renewed platform ease-of-use and the value added by the refreshed content approach.

Annual Savings


Annual savings through operational efficiencies

Return Users


Underscores a compelling surge in  loyalty.

Sales Increase


Heightened conversion rates.

Traffic Boost


Due to superior content engagement & strategic SEO. 

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